How to choose the right replacement cpu fan

Replacement laptop cpu fans are readily available and relatively cheap. Sometimes the right replacement cpu fan can be tricky to find. The joy of having found a cheap replacement cpu  fan for your failing or failed fan can disappear very quickly if you choose the wrong replacement cpu fan. It is important that you consider a few attributes while shopping around for a replacement cpu fan.


Physical shape

Do a quick comparison of the physical shape and dimension of your old fan with the replacement fan to see that they are the same.


Model number

Most cpu fans only have model number and no Part number. Check that the Model numbers are the same if you are replacing like for like. For instance, if you are replacing a ‘SUNON’ fan with another ‘SUNON’ fan; ‘ADDA’ fan with “ADDA”; KIPO fan with KIPO; DELTA fan with DELTA fan and so on. It is quite common to find cpu fans with the same model number but completely different in shape and size. In other words, model number alone is not sufficient to make a decision.


Screw alignment

Check that the screw alignments, position and direction are the same.


Number of pins

Check that the number of pins on the connector and the number of wires are the same. This is really important; otherwise you will be unable to connect the fan


Power rating

Though almost every cpu fan run on 5V DC, it is worth knowing that you are choosing a fan with equal or equivalent power rating.